An idea can come from nowhere. It can happen in your daydreams while having a shower or something that has been in your brain for quite a while. However, it's vital to follow up on it as quickly as time permits. Prepare to stun the world, Start Small, Act Fast. Aforementioned has been the triumphant mantra for the greater part of the examples of overcoming adversity that we have seen. It's vital to communicate your plan with however much detail as could reasonably be expected. Employ our SHIFT BOOLEAN usecase template that has helped a huge number of clients with their project.

Requirements Gathering

With your use case document detailed out, our expert project managers and developers can easily have a birds eye view of your idea and ask important questions to break your idea into development size modules. Its during this step that your idea will begin its early life. Every module will be documented with detailed step by step instructions on the functionality. This would become the most important document as it would have your complete idea documented. This document would become the backbone for the development process.


Once the detailed requirements is prepared and we have a rock solid project road map all our teams contribute to estimate the effort for getting individual modules and functionalities designed and developed. Once we have this number we would prepare the detailed project timeline, milestones and final cost of the project. Having accurate information in the requirements document helps to avoid any chaos and confusion during the development phase.


Design and User Experience defines how your customers use your application. This stage defines the look and feel of your mobile app or web app. Our development process puts very high importance to this step as this is what your customers are going to see and feel. Our dedicated designers have several years of experience with mobile and web interfaces to help you achieve the best interactions and visuals on your app.


This is the stage where your project development would start. The requirements document would now be fully converted into agile scrum boards. Tasks would be assigned to the relevant resource and two week sprints would be planned out. At the end of every week you would get reports from us regarding your project status update and you also would have access to our project management tools to monitor your project status in real time.


Depending on your project type we would extend our support to you for bug fixes. During this warranty period you would have access to our resources to fix bugs and issues on priority. You can also speak to our consultants to have your support period extended at the time of signing the contract with us.

Happy Customer

There is no greater joy and pride that we have when a customer walks away happy from SHIFT BOOLEAN. We try our best and give the best possible support on technology and hand hold you on the right way to do things.

We Convert idea into action

Our journey began with startups 16 plus , counting …